Rising Stars Grant - Eve Moreno-Luz.

What Love Is Like:

A Trans Experience


Text for Video:

My name is Eve Xelestial Moreno-Luz, and I want to use the Rising Stars grant to amplify the voices of Trans-Identified people, and their experiences with queer love. A current project that a collective and I work on, Narratives of Resistance Media, uplifts the identities of LGBTQIA+ people through print and social media. This past April we released the first issue of Narratives of Resistance Magazine, where we featured 21 artists of color and held a release party in Los Angeles. This grant will support in improving LGBTQ inclusion through a short documentary called, “What Love is like: A Trans Experience.”

This documentary will be hosted on platforms like youtube, vimeo, facebook, and other social medias, as well as public screenings to allow our initiative to venture far and wide. This doc will advocate for the inclusion of trans communities online, thus ushering an era of acceptance for the differently seen, and the different ways trans people love. Trans visibility is radically necessary—- our stories, and the ways in which we love, need to be shared by the people that live that experience .