Nuestro Mundo

These two pieces were featured at the Brody Botanical Center in the Huntington Library Museum. 9/17 - 1/18.

Las Personxs Queer Florecerán , mixed media, 2017

Las Personxs Queer Florecerán, mixed media, 2017

Las Personxs Queer Florecerán is a cultural piece combatting the colonial constructs of sex and gender that were forced upon indigenous communities during the conquest. These constructs permeate the spiritual and mental health of the survivors of colonial and communities of color today. This piece is meant to be a beacon of liberation from that sex/gender binary and a reminder that liberation looks different to each and every one of us. Now more than ever, it is critical for the preservation of queer and trans lives to reclaim our identities, the truth we see about our lives and not what colonization has deemed as the right way to live. This piece was created using elements of photography, painting, and months of critical engagement with queer and trans communities of color.

Non Binary Femme , acrylic on illustration board, 2017

Non Binary Femme, acrylic on illustration board, 2017

This Self Portrait is a reflection of my ever changing identity as a queer and trans person of color. Although my exterior is seen as intimidating, loud, defiant, and eccentric, inside I am tender, sensitive, and always critically questioning whether I am further empowering my community, or perpetuating violence. Queer and trans people are resilient beings; although we have liberated ourselves (some more than others) from the social constructs that bind our communities, the violence against our marginalized identities has become internalized. Thus, our internalized violence may be reproduced onto the people we love the most.


From the Ghetto to the Getty: Protest!

The series below was featured at the Getty Museum in response to the exhibition, "Breaking News, Turning the lens on Mass Media". 

The Media continues to expose the injustices committed by our government, its supporters, and the way these systems dehumanize the identities of marginalized communities. I asked the people in my communities to express how they feel about their identities being targeted, and attacked, by institutions that do not know what this experience is like. My identity as a poor, brwn, queer and transgender person has exposed me to multiple forms of violence through out my life. I spend every day defending my identity, and the identities of the people I love. My communities have been classified as ghetto, not enough, and ungrateful. The individuals in these photographs have felt that the media continues to perpetuate the violence their communities are experiencing, and this project is meant to elevate their voices. 

Juniperangelica Xiomara

"Chingonx" From the Ghetto to the Getty: Protest! Model: Juniperangelica Xiomara


"Elegance" From the Ghetto to the Getty: Protest! Model: Cielo Oscuro


"Bloom" From the Ghetto to the Getty: Protest! Model: Kat Zoque.

"Undocu-Queer in L.A." From the Ghetto to the Getty: Protest! Model: Nancy Hernandez